First Picture of Influenza Virus

Today the first picture of an influenza virus was released.

It was made by a computer. When you see it, it is hard to imagine how a virus can cause so much damage.

A body is made of cells. Those cells have at their center a D.N.A. molecule. The D.N.A. is the orination of the cell. The D.N.A. tells the parts of the cell how to make the cell, and how to remake the cell over time. Whatever the D.N.A. says, turns into reality in the cell. You can think of it as a plan of what the cell will be and do.

A virus is simply another type of molecule. If the virus makes it into the cell it works its way into the center of the cell, and atatches itself to the D.N.A. The virus tells the D.N.A. to change its plan. When the virus atatches to the D.N.A. the D.N.A. changes its purpose, and changes its plan. The D.N.A. with the virus atatched begins to make new viruses. The entire cell becomes a virus factory.

So what does this have to do with chiropractic?

White blood cells are what kill the viruses in the body. The white blood cells travel through tubes in the body called blood vessels. New research shows that the white blood cells know where to go in part because the nerves tell them where to go. If the nerves are not working properly, the new research indicates that the white blood cells may not be able to find the infections to kill them.

If the bones are stuck in your spine, then the nerves can not work as well. If the nerves are not working then the body can not be as healthy.

Chiropractors in California and elsewhere are not allowed to treat infections, and as a San Diego chiropractor I don’t treat infections.

Read the research and make your own decisions. Knowledge about chiropractic and your body will go a long way. Have a safe New Years eve! I will be back in San Diego by Tuesday.

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