The Paperless Office in San Diego – Oneday

So after extensive research I have come up with the following plan. This has kept me out of the water at La Jolla Shores (My San Diego surf spot) for more days than I would like.

First off, I found three guys who are absolute experts in Medisoft and also in Networking and programming. In a few years I expect networks and Medisoft and EMR to be as easy to use as Quickbooks or Microsoft word, but at the moment it ain so.

Mark Beans sounds like a real winner, with tons of experience, and a real expert on Medisoft. He has sold his business, is too busy with another job to take on clients, and recomends the new owners at MSR Technologies but I have no knowledge of them except that he recomends them.

The second guy who sounded seems like an absolute expert is Gavin Walker at Med Tech. He has a strong company, is very knowledgeable and has extensive programming and technical experience.

My final choice is to work with Shawn Barrett at ASI. He is my first choice, but if something falls through I will beg Gavin to help me.

After weeks of research on this subject, (and I am like a tasmanian devil when it comes to internet research) these two shined above the others. (Mark Bean would also be on the list but he is no longer in the game)

Both Shawn and Gavin have extensive programming experience, which is not technically necessary with Medisoft and setting up a network, but based on postings at other sites, Medisoft gets screwed up enough that I want someone who can get into the files and understands programming and data manipulation at a deep level. Both of these guys give you plenty of information upfront, before even charging for it, which leaves me in a personal debt to both of them. Both of them have worked with Medisoft for I believe over a decade. Long term stability is important to me, so that I know they will be there in 6 months. Both of them were very focused on honesty and ethics. I only know this about Gavin because he makes a strong point of talking about it on his website, and with Shawn I know it from experience.

Both got back to me relatively quickly. Gavin does not list an e-mail on his site, so just call him, and he will call you back.

Either of them would have been an excellent choice based on the data I have so far. I am going with Shawn first though because I have worked with him before, and because he is only a half hour $50 plane flight away from me in Vegas, and in the same time zone. Also I am out in Vegas a few times a year for conferences, so if I need to hook up face to face I can see him.

I would like to personally thank Gavin for the time he spent on the phone with me, and based on all of my evaluations of him, which were pretty extensive, I would be very comfortable having him set up Medisoft network.

Now the real test will be what happens when we set the whole thing up in San Diego over the upcoming weeks.

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  1. I am still working on it. It is funny you posted the comment today. Take a read at what I just posted as the newest post.

  2. oh yeah, by the way. Your documented on Wikipedia under paperless office “articles on a chiropractor’s struggle to make his office paperless” lol!!

  3. Hello,
    I have been playing around with 2 systems. One is Future Health and they have a great sales team, will tell you anything to get your money and charge the hell out of you for support and learning that I later found out the software does not live up to what they say it will do.
    Next I am looking at CSC paperlessoffice. I will let you know how they do. It has been an expensive learning process.

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