Important San Diego Chipotle Update

A good buddy of mine Kevin Kupper has been the second in command of the UTC San Diego Chipotle. This place is one of the their busiest stores and he has done a fantastic job. They see something crazy like 1000 people per day, and every one of them looks happy and satisfied when they are done.

I know for a fact that Kevin’s mostly hispanic crew love the guy, and are loyal to him to the end. So after much hard work, consistency, and good leadership, word on the street is that Kevin will be the numero uno manager at the Pacific Beach Chipotle location.

I believe Kevin will start at San Diego’s Pacific Beach Chipotle within the next day or two. If you go in there, tell Kevin you are one of my readers and I told you that the salsa was on him! (Inside Joke with Kevin!) If you also want to make him laugh, ask him if they have fish. (Chipotle does not sell fish.)

I love Chipotle and eat there at least a few times per week. I would put their food up in a taste test against the best restaurants in San Diego, and the price is about like going to Mc Donalds. Thanks Chipotle for all of the good food, and congratulations Kevin on the promotion! We will see you there!

3-26-07 Update!

Kevin is sitting next to me right now! Big Burrito shout out to Laurie on her birthday!!

Kevin has happily adjusted to the new P.B. location and is keeping us fat and happy!

Rene is still missed by his family at the La Jolla store! The place is just not the same without his lightning bolt side burns!

Stay tuned for more Chipotle updates!

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