My time at UCSD Medical School

I had a rare opportunity to be invited to UCSD medical school to be on staff. It was a very part time position, but it gave me an insight into medical training that I do not think more than a small handful of chiropractors have ever seen.

On the bright side, I saw Mark Wallace M.D. who I consider a great friend of mine, and who is a huge supporter of chiropractic and patients rights. Mark works tirelessly for his patients, to make sure they are doing the best they possibly can be. Between the two of us, we have a long list of patient miracles where everyone else gave up on the patient, but between the two of us, we helped the patient heal, often completely from their supposedly incurable illness.

On the less bright side, I saw pharmaceutical representatives trying to influence the professors of the med school as to their prescribing habits. The group that I ended up hanging out with at the Medical school were by and large very top notch, and I do not think they were overly influenced by the drug reps. On the other hand, with the average doctor who is not focused on studying, teaching, and research on a daily basis, I think the drug reps could have a much stronger influence, and there were instances where I saw that too.

I will tell you one thing for certain is that you are much, much, better off getting your problem fixed when it is small, and early, than waiting until you need to be in the hospital to get it fixed.

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  1. Hey bud, I think your blog looks great. The mattress and other info on the recent entries is also beneficial. Why i am writing…I just turned 30 years old and have been suffering from scoliosis for 15 years. I have not been able to afford treatment for a while, are there any pro-bono programs i can get set up with…maybe through the college or something?

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