A huge thank you to my wife.

I have the best wife in the world. You may have wondered who it was, but it is actually my wife. The reason I am writing about her here is because of what she has done for the chiropractic profession. The biggest thing she did was help me out so much over so many years. Every possible thing either in the office or in the home at some point she has done for me so I could help others.

She also has given up a lot. Most people who practice chiropractic in my opinion, make much less money than they would have if they had gone into the profession where that individual would have made the most money. So I have had to work long hours (usually around 60 hours plus per week) to maintain a middle class San Diego lifestyle.

She has traveled with me for thousands and thousands of miles while I went to seek out the best help to help my patients from expert doctors and consultants. She has listened while I described the next exciting thing we were going to do in the office. In general she has been my greatest ally, and I and the profession can not thank her enough.

Every time a patient thanks me for the miracle, and every time a patient writes a thank you letter because their incurable problem was cured, that was her standing behind me. So my dear, thank you.

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  1. What a beautiful tribute to your wife…she sounds like an amazing woman and I applaud you for realizing that and for honoring her via such a wonderful dedication…and I applaud you his wife; you must truly be a great woman.

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