Learning The Pulstar For San Diego Use

Most of last week I was at an Internet conference in Vegas. Then on Saturday there was another conference in Vegas on the Pulstar adjusting tool. We will be integrating this into our San Diego Chiropractic office over the upcoming months.

This thing is amazing. A few years ago I first came across this concept and was hooked. I have been studying up on it, and finally a few weeks ago I grabbed one. Just in case you are interested in getting one you need to call Sense Technologies, and you can pick one up for $28,000. If you are shopping for one, you may want to call me or e-mail me first, I have great contacts with the company. They are very nice guys. I am not the scientist and not a total expert on this thing yet, but the guys at Sense Technologies are. The below is my best opinion on how it works.

The concept of this thing is amazing. It is a motion detector in a way. The hand piece is held in your hand, the two prongs are placed against one of the vertebrae and it delivers a gentle pulse to the bone. The pulse is purely mechanical, just a little push. The bone then moves as much as it is able to. Sometimes just a little, sometimes more. If the bone is really stuck, the machine picks that up and shows it on the screen. If the bone moves well, it shows that also.

I am a dang good chiropractor. I have been checking bones for over 15 years, and have done at this point I figure around 700,000 adjustments. I can feel a lot of nuance between one bones motion and anther’s. In many cases, this thing picks up bones that are lacking motion that I was unable to detect.

I am very excited about this because it means as an organization we will be able to help more people.

When you turn the thing to the treatment setting it provides a series of impulses at whatever force you set it to until it feels the bone release. It has an display of all of the data during the adjustment, you can keep track of patients from one visit to the next.

If you read this, and e-mail me I will probably do a free of your spine with it to see if you need chiropractic or not.

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