Finding out how to be Number 1 in Google for San Diego Chiropractic

My purpose is to help as many people as possible. It always has been, and always will be. It is what defines me. For most of my life, the main way I helped was with people’s bodies. I have also helped people with their minds. I have also helped people with all kinds of other stuff from changing their oil, to teaching them how to surf.

Today’s article is dedicated to two people, Mr. Google, and Mr. Matt Cutts. I have been using the Internet for the past few years as a way to get in contact with more people to help them learn about chiropractic. Most of these people have been in San Diego, some of them have been as far away as Russia, China, and Africa.

I have learned a lot about the Internet, but this past week, I got a big old bucket of lesson at a conference I went to. Chiropractic is awesome, but there are many, many chiropractors in San Diego trying to get their websites to show up as number one in the search engines. Just type in San Diego chiropractic, or San Diego chiropractor into Google and you will see what I mean.

I have been studying Internet marketing hard for the past year, in an attempt to get our offices website up to the top in the search engine rankings. Based on what people tell me, this site is very friendly and teaches people a ton about chiropractic. The problem is not nearly enough people find it. If you are searching for San Diego chiropractor or San Diego chiropractic in the search engines as of last week it showed up as number 716 for San Diego chiropractic and 564 for San Diego chiropractor in Google. That means that if you search for those phrases, which are very commonly searched, you hardly stand a rat’s arse chance in hell in finding our site.

So I went to the Pub Con Internet marketing conference in Vegas this past week with the hopes of uncovering what I have been doing wrong. There were around 2000 of the top Internet marketing people from all over the world at this. They cover everything from paid advertising on the Internet, to the work of the black hats doing unethical marketing techniques, to marketing to people’s cell phones.

The highlight of the whole event is when everyone gets together in one room, and they have 4 of the top 5 or 6 experts in Internet marketing present to the group. They select 5 or 10 websites of the attendees to basically do a brutal critique of the persons site and what they are doing right or wrong about it. It is the main reason I came to conference, with the hope they would pick my website. Two of these guys who do the reviews are probably the two biggest Internet rock stars in the world. One of them is Danny Sullivan, and the other one is Matt Cutts.

Matt is unique because he is an engineer at Google, and I believe the only one who is allowed to discuss with the public what is considered desirable, and undesirable by Google.

That morning about 2 hours before the event I found out to have your site reviewed, you need a preprinted business card.I realized I did not have any business cards with me. So out the door I raced hopped in my car to go find a place who could make me a business card, it had to be preprinted, and the Valet pointed out I had a flat tire. Rats! I was still getting over being sick, had been overworking this week to learn as much as I could at the seminar, and was operating at about one third my normal strength.

I asked the Valet where the nearest tire store was, zip I was there, and told them I needed it fixed or replaced NOW! I was told it would take at least a few hours, could not be fixed, and my tire that fit was on the other side of town. I told them this would not work and begged for a solution. The guy suggested, well we could just put your spare on for now?… Vooomm…

I am racing down the road and into an office super store. At first the guy said, no way, it would take at least 24 hours to make me cards. I said “I only need one card, do you at least have Microsoft word and a blank business card? I will give you a hundred dollars!” So he makes me the cards, and I realize I only have twenty seven dollars and a free Chipotle burrito card to give him, but he was happy. Vrooom!…

Off I race back to the conference, on my spare tire. I get there, hungry, grab a snack, wolf down half of it, and run in and turn in my card.

My buddy Jared and I disagree, but I think there were around 30 cards and 6 were picked, he said 50 cards and 10 were picked. Either way, around the fourth card in, I was picked.

I stood up there, microphone in hand, in front of 2000 of the top Internet marketing people in the world, with four of the top ones on stage ready to rip me apart.

They bring my site up onto a screen that must have been twenty fee plus tall, and thirty feet plus wide. I say, with my crackling voice from my recovering cold into the microphone. I want to be number one in Google when you search for San Diego Chiropractic.

Immediately, I believe it was Danny Sulivan who said this, “You may want to put San Diego Chiropractic on your main page.” It took me a second to get what he was saying. It was simply that if you want to do good for a phrase in the search engines, you want to have that phrase on your site!

Well, that was only the beginning, and in around five or ten minutes I must have written 10 pages of notes. Jared said I had the microphone under my arm while I was writing. In that five minutes I felt like I was christened into the world of Internet marketing for real. I was in.

For those in the Internet marketing world you will understand it when I say that this article is the real beginning of my being in that group. Thanks to all four of the guys on the stage, and special thanks to Matt Cutts, and Mr. Google!

2 Replies to “Finding out how to be Number 1 in Google for San Diego Chiropractic”

  1. Hello!
    I searched getting my website #1 on Google and your article came up.

    After reading the whole article I noticed that not all my questions were answered.

    I am hoping that you may be able to share the 10 pages of notes you wrote at the seminar.

    I am trying desperately to get noticed as a San Diego Event Planning on Google however, I am not number 1 yet.

    Thank you in advance for any info you may have.

  2. Hi Enjoli,
    I looked at your site, and it is off to a good start. There is a ton to learn about doing well in Google. I have two paths I can point you in. One of them is the path I have taken which is a lot of study and work and is relatively inexpensive, but takes a long time. Or if you send me an e-mail I can talk to you about methods that may cost a bit more, but will shorten your time tremendously. Thanks for the comment, and good luck! To find my e-mail address go to the link above to take you to the main part of the site.

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