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Cameron finished putting the last of his travel list into the suitcase. The weather was shifting to a bleak cold sheet of icy rain. He had a gleeful smile on his face. “I’m outa’ here,” he thought, glancing at his watch and grabbing his car keys. The drive to the airport was short, thank heavens. Already traffic was starting to slow down as the roads iced over.

Cameron had studied carefully his co-ordinates and knew he could fly out of the storm. His skill in the Piper Cub was unmatched. To him, it was the Zen of flying. Once in the air, through a series of tactful maneuvers, he let out a sigh of relief and envisioned his landing on the Caribbean island. He was visiting another colleague, the only chiropractor on the small island paradise. Cameron had never been to this particular island because he had by-passed nature for sand, sun and surf in his younger days.

Now, almost 60, his focus and attitude had dramatically changed. Chiropractic had opened a world of wellness, potential and possibilities that were exciting and proactive. He wanted to live to be a hundred and twenty five with full physical, mental and spiritual faculties, strong, productive and exceedingly filled with joy. That was Cameron’s long term dream. The island he was flying to was well known for the longevity of its people and pristine environment. He felt a tingle of passion run up and down his body as the tall, green mountainous peaks of Dominica loomed in the distance. The landing strip was very short and if the right angle wasn’t navigated properly, planes would land in the ocean! But Cameron liked challenges and deftly put the Piper down with ease.

He saw his colleague, after passing through customs. “Hey, Doc!” shouted Janet as she quickly moved through the crowd into his outstretched arms for a deep, close hug. “Wow!” was all Cameron could think and say for a moment. “You look fantastic, Janet,” he uttered with astonishment. She was brown, lean and youthful although close to him in age. Her glow was one of conscious awareness of his appreciation. “This is what living in paradise does for an old lady,” she bantered.

They spend the next two days catching up on their ten year reunion. Her home-office was very beautiful, tucked in a garden of exquisite tropical plants close to a small village of hot springs, clean rushing rivers and stately, lush green mountains. They were both avid hikers and had planned an all day hike to the Boiling Lake. Cameron had become fascinated by the uniqueness of the region seeing that it is the second largest boiling lake in the world. Situated in the interior of Dominica and rising to a height of 3,000 feet, the Boiling Lake is accessible via a three and a half hour strenuous hike each way. Cameron and Janet greeted their guide anxiously. “Hi there, Addison,” Janet stated with familiarity.

“Are you two ready for the hike of a lifetime?” countered Addison. “Lead on oh great one,” Cameron joked with a motion of his head and hands. The sun was high and bright, the air fresh and clear as the three set off. They used every muscle in their bodies climbing, crawling over hills, down valleys, across rivers and streams and up mountain sides. It was hard to describe the topography as Cameron surveyed his surroundings. Steam vents and boiling springs were everywhere. An eerie surreal landscape was created by the steam, not unlike a prehistoric Jurassic park. Sulfur gas and mud of many different colors in unusual shapes among the rocks were a stark beauty. Lingering behind at one point, Cameron left the trail to examine a particular hot spring hissing and bubbling in a pit.

He was just coming to a halt by the top when one of his feet slipped as the mud crumbled and sank beneath him. He pitched forward, twisted his body but couldn’t help himself as he started sliding into the hot steaming pit. Frantically, he clawed his way back up the ravine but couldn’t get a foothold that was solid. He was caught on a small ledge of jutting rocks, holding on with his upper body and arms. He knew Janet and Addison would find him soon but he was breaking out in a sweat from adrenaline and steam. Suddenly, Janet’s head appeared over the rocks. “Here he is!,” she shouted to Addison. “Don’t move a muscle Cameron. The earth is too unstable there.” Cameron gave her a confident smile. He was in good physical condition from being adjusted by a colleague in the States and he worked out regularly. However, he was unprepared for such a hostile terrain albeit beautiful. Addison and Janet were talking about his rescue when he saw a large rope come arching over the rocky cliff. “Put the rope around your torso, if you can Cameron,” Janet commanded. He was only able to wrap it securely around his upper arms. “O.K., you two, hoist me up,” Cameron shouted back. Slowly he began to feel himself stretch out as the rope pulled him towards safety. But he felt a click in his back and a knife-like stabbing pain as his body twisted into contorted shapes during his ascent.

Once on flat and stable ground, muddied, bruised and covered in sweat, Cameron was able to sit up. Addison and Janet were by his side assessing his condition and offering water from their backpacks. “A close one,” Addison admonished his eyes wide but wise.” “You look like you are in pain,” Janet stated. Cameron grunted. He couldn’t get a full breath and his voice was raspy and hot. “I think I subluxated a few ribs in my back since the pain feels like a knife stabbing me and I can’t get a deep breath.” “My back hurts too,” added Addison putting both hands on his hips and stiffly bending forward. “I take a break”. All of Janet’s doctor mode came into play at that moment. “Alright, you two, it’s time for a chiropractor to heal this situation.” She hunted some rock formations upon which to lie and helped Cameron walk slowly to them. He prostrated himself as she palpated his spine and ribs. “That’s the place,” Cameron barked while wincing. He knew that misaligned ribs could make a grown man cry with their pain that mimicked a heart attack. Janet put her hands in the familiar position and with a quick force adjusted the areas. A huge sigh of relief escaped Cameron’s lips. He stood up, almost miraculously and commented, “Chiropractic is a life saver!”. He and Janet hugged each other with knowing smiles. Then it was Addison’s turn. Shy but wanting to be an adept guide, Addison lay down on the rocks under Janet’s professional touch. A small click was heard by all three as one of Addison’s bones moved back into alignment. He was astonished at the release of pain. “This is amazing,” he said with a grateful smile while twisting around to check his flexibility. Janet surprised both of the men with an herbal balm she fetched from her backpack. “Never leave home without it,” she grinned proudly. Once they were massaged and their thirst quenched, the hike was sheer enjoyment while acknowledging the success of the rescue mission. The landscape was breathtaking and colorful.

That evening, Cameron and Janet relaxed on the patio of her garden paradise drinking fresh coconut water. Cameron broke the silence, “I could get very used to this, Janet, especially with a woman of your intelligence and courage.” “Is that an offer or a proposal?” laughed Janet. “Chiropractic in paradise is a rewarding life. When do we begin?” “I think we already have and here is my thank you,” was Cameron’s croon as he bent over to lay a kiss on her wet sweet coconut lips.

Dr. Janet S. Taylor is living her dreams as the only U.S. Board Certified Chiropractor on the Nature Isle of the Caribbean, Dominica.
Her wholistic lifestyle is thriving as she “walks the walk” and “talks the talk” with her patients from all over the world.

She is also the CEO of Rainforest Shangri-La Resort a wellness, eco-tourism and sustainable living experience and spa facility which she helped to build and open in 2006 on the Nature Island of the Caribbean, Dominica.

Contact her at
(Replace the at with a @ and the (dot) with a regular period.)
or at P.O. Box 1592,
Roseau, Commonwealth of Dominica, West Indies,
phone - 767/440-3118

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