Chiropractic Writing Contest #1
$50 First Prize - No Entry Fee
Deadline March 31st 2007


Dr. Janet Taylor

Jennifer Erwin

Lorene Thomas

Lori Stine

Matt Harrah

S.H. Winters

Jennifer Erwin

Oh my gosh! The stories were unbelievable. Both Matt Harrah's and Janet Taylors stories actually gave me tears in my eyes. This was so much fun! The other story which really stood out was by Lorene "coolbyrne" Thomas.

Janet's story is set in a lush steaming jungle with romance, and danger! Matt wrote a story that was both Cool and poetic, and Lorene wrote right out of the 1940's where the story literally gave me images in black and white.

I have published a few of the stories I enjoyed the most. There were many other great ones, that I just won't have the time to make into web pages.

It was a great experience, and I truly apreciate the heart and warmth that went into every entry. I wish I could have given every one a first place. I especially had trouble deciding between the to three stories mentioned above.

So thank you to all!

Oh the winner?

Drum Roll Please!!! Scroll Down to see the winner!

The winner is......

Dr. Janet Taylor!!!


Chiropractic has been around for over a hundred years, and is one of the most popular forms of health care in the United States. Millions and Millions of chiropractic treatments are done each year with miracles by the truck load taking place.

Television has for years been filled with programs depicting the magic of modern medicine, while at the same time prescription drugs have become one of the largest causes of death in the United States. As perhaps a coincidence? one of the largest advertisers on mainstream media are the large pharmaceutical companies.

Natural health care has not yet had its heroes of fiction. It is time! This contest is being done to bring out into the modern consciousness fictional heroes of chiropractic, stories of chiropractic miracles, and even chiropractic mystery novels, or maybe even a western?

Any chiropractic story set before 1895 will seem a bit implausible, as that was the year of chiropractic's birth!

So here are the rules! First off if you are in any place where there are laws against such a contest, this offer is void.
Write a fictional story that involves chiropractic as either a background to the story, or as part of its main thrust!
The story must be between 200 and 2000 words.
The story must be entirely original and not previously published
You must allow the story to be published on this site forever.
The story must not be published on any website other than this one until 6 months after the end of this contest. The winner will be chosen by me simply based on the story that I like the best! Some of the stories that I select will be published on this website. One winner will be chosen and will receive a $50 gift certificate from

The results of this contest will be published on this page.

To submit your story simply write it, save it as a word document, attach it and e-mail it to
purposeinc (at)
where the (at) is replaced with a @

Good Luck! and have fun with it! You are making history!
For inspiration read this site to learn more about chiropractic!

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