AI Writing Tool For A Ranking Advantage

SEO is now over 20 years old. SEO AI writing has just begun. Justin Brooke, @ghostrytapp on is one of my closest friends and has repositioned himself on the cutting edge of AI writing.

When I started in SEO 20 years ago, there were spinners that made crappy articles. Google rightfully found them and penalized them. With these new tools, like ghostryt, not only are the articles indistinguishable from human written posts, they are better.

Google wants to send someone to a page, have them stay on that page, and not want the user to go back to google. Google doesn’t really care whether it is a video, a pic, an app, or an AI written article. Google does care that the quality is good.

Knowing Justin as I do, I predict the product is going to work, and that he will continue to tweek it until it beats every other writing tool out there.

Game is changing fast. If you don’t incorporate AI heavily, you will get left behind.

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