Dannon Lawsuit

It is interesting that in the search engines, my site ranks very high for Danactive yogurt.
I was alerted by one of my readers today (thanks Ramona!) that Dannon yogurt is about to be sued for its claims about Dan Active yogurt.

I love this product and use it almost daily. I can only judge it by my own experience. I have found that there is no better way for me to digest a meal than with a Dan Active. These comments and others are not being given as medical advice, but are instead based on my own personal experience.

I wish the Dannon company good luck on the lawsuit, and I can only say that if a user of the product did not notice a positive difference after using the product, then why did they keep using it.

We are not talking a massive investment of their income, but just a few dollars. Also, virtually any store if you do buy a few dollars worth of a product, and are dissatisfied with it, you can return it for a refund.

This seems to be another case of people not taking responsibility for their own health. I use the product because it makes sense, and my digestion works better when I use it. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. If you don’t like the first package, return it for a refund. But come on. Do you really need to sue a company selling yogurt? Aren’t there worse enemies out there who need attacking?

If you like this article, please link to it so others can read a common sense article about a tiny bottle of yogurt drink.

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Legal Disclaimer – This is not doctor advice, but my own opinion. Read all about stuff including yogurt drinks yourself before you use them, and make your own opinion.

4 Replies to “Dannon Lawsuit”

  1. The lady sueing is going to go after Bayer next because her headache didn’t go away after taking the tablet. Sooooo rediculous.
    Do you think the lawyers had something to do with pushing her on??

  2. My wife also made a good point. Obviously the attorneys are going to make money off of the suit if they win, but who really is hurt financially if Dannon can help millions of Americans with their digestive problems? Who makes tons more money if Americans can not solve their digestive problems and have tummy pain and other symptoms?
    That may point you to the real force behind the lawsuit, but I have no proof.

  3. Hey DK,
    You and like minded folks miss the point of large lawsuits like this. It is not whether you have a personal subjective opinion of a product with advertised health benefits. The central question is if the product really improves digestive function based upon randomized controlled clinical trials. I have been using Dannon probiotics on a daily basis for over a year. I think their products taste good and seem to “work” -which may be different that what you mean by “work”. But, I still would like to see additional independent double blind placebo controlled studies beyond what they list at their website to justify the price premium they charge . Only informed (!) buyers can truly beware.

  4. I thought the point of the lawsuit was that Dannon was saying the probiotics in their yogurt worked better than other yogurts. If they prove that it does, great. If not, they lied to millions of consumers who bought their product. Not nice and apparently illegal.

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