wordcamp 2007 photos cartoons caricatures Purpose-Cons

If you are looking for the photos from the silly thing I did at word camp with a pad, pen and camera and what they became from wordcamp 2007, you have come to the right place.
This is a wordcamp page that explains the whole silly thing and directs you where to go to each of the galleries.

Look for Matt Cutts, Matt Mullenweg, and other wordpress stars enshrined for life on the pages.

As soon as I have a second to breathe I will do whole write up on what happened.

There are still more wordcamp photos and their fun second pages to follow in the next few days. Thanks for being patient.

P.S. The Purpose-Cons part. During the project, I coined the name purpose-con. It is an icon that demonstrates your purpose. I know it may not make complete sense, but I put it up in case anyone was looking for it by that name, and so I would have a name I could discuss them with when yacking with anyone else.

P.S.S. The wordcamp cartoons are all up now. If you want to see the wordcamp caricatures you should go here and click on each of the wordcamp photos. There are wordcamp pictures of everyone!

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