Matt loves to write!

2 Replies to “Matt loves to write!”

  1. Awww! I love this site! Matt, your pictures at the top of the page are so cute! I love the picture of you when you were a kid. Seeing the page for the first time you’re just drawn to the top first. It has lots of nice color and sets the mood for the site. It looks like you and Dr. Klein had a ton of fun at WordCamp- I’m jealous! It must have been great because DK traveled all the way from San Diego to attend. WordPress was an amazingly creative idea! Awesome! I wish I could have come up with that idea. Here’s to much more success!

  2. humm, Matt, You look like a Writer in the pic. I want to give you one suggesation, “Leave your job and be full time writer, write some fiction”, ha, ha

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