I am so excited about wordcamp I am going to pee in my pants!

I'm going to WordCamp
Sure the title may not be too profesional! But I really am that excited. I feel so fortunate to be part of history. The internet is really still in its infancy, and the creators of real honest, not just trying to sell you something content is a huge deal. History is being written daily by the makers of history, and not just years later by the historians or the reporters.
Next weekend I will be driving all the way to San Fransisco to hang out with a bunch of 20ish up to I am sure much older bloggers at wordcamp! It is the second year of this animal and I am still not sure what to expect. I can tell you that this group is an incredibly influential group on this planet, and they are not a group that can be easily bought or manipulated. I find bloggers by and large more concerned about the integrity of their writing than being bought off.
It is truly an honor to be one of that group. I really feel the Internet is the first true democracy, and the anchor of freedom for the entire planet. I mean honestly how plausible will it be for any regime to talk about how the enemy country are a bunch of backwards ignorant crummy people, when you IM back and forth with three or four of them every week? I have buddies all across the country via the internet. With many of them, we have no idea which country each of us is in.
I don’t think the cold war, British Imperialism, communism, McCarthyism, Apartheid, Ghangis Kahn, or the Taliban could have ever come into any amount of power if everyone on the planet had high speed cable access and Firefox!
So who knows what will happen next weekend? All I can tell you is I am excited. It is exciting to be part of history. It is exciting to be part of something new. It is exciting to be going to San Francisco!

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