guest editorial from my dad

My father bernie klein asked me to post this on my blog.

Hi David
This is my true story of doctor blaming problems on supplements.
For a period of two or three years I had been complaining to my doctor of feeling old and having joint pains.
During my yearly physical exams my blood tests showed abnormally high calcium levels.  The doctor instructed me to stop taking my vitamin and mineral supplement and to cut back on dairy products.  He was concerned about formation of “stones”.
He was a good doctor but the actual disease was rare, complicated, and difficult to diagnose.  The blood high calcium test was an easy but wrong answer.
After two needed surgeries, and about six doctors, the answer was that I had parathyroid disease and hydrocephalus.    High rates of calcium were not caused by the consumption of calcium.  In addition the symptoms were complicated by a previous case of the flue and injury by an accident.
-Bernie Klein

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