Chuck Norris Joke Nathan Page and Chiropractic

One of our patients Nathan Page just got back from Iraq, and with him he brought the ultimate trophy! A picture of Chuck Norris! Chuck is kicking back with our patient Nathan and the other fellers he served with. We are happy to have Nathan back safely, and his darling wife Amber is even more happy!

Chuck Norris, thanks for giving Nathan the visit!

chuck norris chiropractic joke

Second From the left is Nathan, the guy third from the left is Sylvester Stallone Chuck Norris.
By the way, Chuck Norris decided to be a chiropractor, he never got to try it though, because when he walks into the room, all the bones jump into alignment.

4 Replies to “Chuck Norris Joke Nathan Page and Chiropractic”

  1. Some people wear superman pajamas. Superman wears Chuck Norris pajamas.

  2. chuck norris isnt afraid of the boogie man the boogie man is scared of chuck norris 😀

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