The Inside Scoop from the Koopster!

It isn’t usual that we have the inside scoop on Hollywood gossip, but Kevin Kupper of Chipotle fame in San Diego, (he runs the P.B. store). He went up to L.A. to hang out with his girlfriends brother Jeremy who is going to be executive producer of a new show staring Jay, from Jay and Silent Bob. Jay got sick, so they hung out at their hotel and ended up hanging out with Andy Milenakas who is also going to be on the same show.

Saturday night Andy was rapping up a storm at his house party and Kevin got blown away by how talented he was. James Duval who has had many small to medium size movie roles was also at the party. Kevin comes from a small town in Texas and needless to say this was a real hoot!

By the way, Kevin also got his official promotion to be the G.M. of Chipotle in Pacific Beach, perhaps the greatest accomplishment of all!

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