I Love You Dr Klein

Now that may sound like a corny title since I am writing this myself, but there is a reason. This is a story about a young boy who gave me a little gift.
He had gotten to be around the office quite a bit, and watched what we do.
It was a very busy day in the office. Lots and lots and lots of people. There were quite a few new ones who stopped by with some very serious issues going on . The kind of things one does not ever want to have, or ever want someone we know or love to have.

Needless to say there was a little bit of stress that day, but moreso than that a feeling of a lot of responsibility with all of the people who needed to be helped.
Then right in the middle of all of this, this little kid comes up to me in the middle of the hub bub and says, Dr. Klein, Dr. Klein. I asked, Yes? What is it? (I admit at that moment I wished he had picked a better time when I was not so busy. I have learned though to always stop for children to speak).

He said “I made you a picture”. I asked him, “Where is it?” It’s over here!

Then he shows me a typical kids drawing on a white paper with a pink hilighter and a heart that says “I love you David” (me being David)

I thanked him, and said “Is this for all of the chocolate we give you when you come in?”

Then he says “No, it is for all of the people you help.”

I got real quiet after that 🙂

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