The Paperless journey, limping slowly along..

Boy have I learned a ton about all of this. A doctor in Carson California gave me the low down on setting up his wireless, EMR, billing records system.

Things I learned.

As far as I know, there aint no software out there yet for medical billing and EMR that works as easily as say Quickbooks.

It sounds like around 30% of the doctors in the U.S. who set up EMR systems, end up uninstalling them.

If you are very smart, and can make very simple forms, paper systems can be faster than EMR systems.

Medisoft is still by far the most widely used Medical Billing Software in existence, but there are many warnings out there. One of them was that a few versions back, when it came out, somewhere between a few users, and a lot of them, had their data become unable to use. This reminds me that when upgrading to any new system, keep the old system running until you are absolutely sure the new one is working.

Medisoft took almost a week to call me back when I called about pricing and ordering.

The guy Mark I mentioned in this post,

appears to no longer own or work at that Medisoft reseller, so I do not know how good the new owners are. (No data good or bad)

For the Network version of Medisoft version 11 for 2 to 3 users with Office Hours Professional, I was quoted $3457.

For a single user with all of the above is about $1600.

They said if I buy the version 11 for a single user, and then upgrade to version 12 for some small fee, they will credit 90% of my single user price toward the network version.

Even so, I think I am going to continue my quest toward making the system as efficient as possible, even if it costs a little bit more money.

Our San Diego chiropractic office has long been one of the best, if not the best, because of us sparing no cost in anything that makes the office work better. Aesthetics have not always been the highest priority, because I feel the staff and location take care of that, but for technology or chiropractic knowledge, as they say, cost is no object!

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