Laughter in 3 languages

We had a great time tonight. As a group we had dinner with one of our good friends. Some of the group tonight have lived in San Diego a long time, others a short time. The amazing thing that came up, was that one of the group used to be the baby sitter for Athina Onasis, a long time ago. Parts of the family we visited had lived in Chile, Argentina, Peru, Italy, Spain, and of course the U.S. She had also met our current president when he was only 20 years old, and visiting Argentina.
My wife of course is from Norway. It was a true international event with at least three languages being spoken. It was hard to know which language to speak in, as there was always someone who did not understand. The food was amazing, with influences from all over the globe. All of this converging on San Diego. We had a view of the pacific from the top of Mount Soledad where the home is. It was an amazing experience, that few people on this planet will ever get to realize. I am very grateful for the friends that I have, and the amazing experiences I have in San Diego.

If you ever have the chance, even if you don’t know anyone who lives there, wander the streets of La Jolla up on the mountain. You can see it from just about anywhere in San Diego, and you can see most of San Diego from up there. Park the car and walk the georgeous neighborhoods and see how the other half lives. I can’t aford a house there yet, but I still can enjoy it!

I am sure the laughter from the house could be heard from all of San Diego!

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