Experience in San Diego today when the Router pooped

Today I changed a few things on my wifes computer, while trying to set it up so she can connect to the Internet with her computer through her blackberry. So to start off with, all of this is my fault. 🙂 I tried making some changes to the settings, but have been unable to get her Dell computer to connect wirelessly to the the internet. I also could not get it to work, when I plugged the cable from the computer directly into the Belkin router.

I don’t even mind having this stuff happen right now, because in a week or two I am going to tackle setting up a network for our San Diego Chiropractic office. I figure the more time I spend messing with network problems on the weekend at hom, the less trouble I will have when it really matters in the clinic. Our chiropractic office is one of the busiest in San Diego, and I have to make sure it is always error free. We have had a few staff changes recently, so that means that there is even more work for me to do, and the staff who know their posts.

I called Belkin, as they have always had excellent customer service. Last weekend when I tried installing the Lynksis print router (connects your printer to your computers wirelessly) it turned into a time consuming afair, and then later it did not work. So I decided that Lynksis is not perfect, as no computer company can be. I have loved our Belkin router, and the free tech support I have gotten previously, so I expected great support again.

I called, and waited for 15 minutes. That seemed reasonable. The woman on the phone had a strong accent, and about every three sentences used a word I could not understand. I interupted her each time, and asked her to repeat the word so I could understand. After a few times of this, she began to get irritated and told me to not interupt her. I gently explained that I needed to understand what she was saying, and she apologized. It went very slowly with her, as the language barrier was very noticable. No complaints though, but we were unable to solve it.

She then said I needed to call Dell for help. I checked the Dell website, and once you are past the one year free tech support, it costs $100 per call for help. That was one option, but I would rather save the money if possible.

Then I remembered that Time Warner Cable has excellent tech support for road runner. I got on the line with the technician and after 30 minutes of changing this and resetting that the machine worked perfectly again. I respect the fact that Road Runner cable internet access is not cheap, so they have the money to provide good tech support. So thanks guys for getting us back connected again!!

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