Australia Day I Killed The Kangaroo

Roseanna from my office went with me today to Australia day. First off it was at Admiral Baker field. This place is government property, and is off limits to us civilians most of the time, except for special invites like today.

We got there, and it was fabulous with great people, great food, and a fun time. They had a huge inflatable kangaroo in front that the kids were playing with and on. We found a place to set up CAM our chiropractic robot. We found a place where they cleared back to cakes for us to set up. We plugged it in, but it did not seem to work. Someone told us that the reason we were getting no power, was because all the power of the picnic had turned off.

We thought it was a coincidence. Roseanna and I then noticed that the inflatable Kangaroo had kind of died. It was half deflated and bent over at the waist.

A little while later it appeared the power had come back on. We could tell because the Kangaroo was fully filled and erect!

We then plugged in to try again. Roseanna thought she saw the light on our machine turn on, but when I looked it was out. I thought perhaps that the power just did not work on our outlet.

We looked over and saw the kangaroo bent over again. I imediately felt guilty that it was somehow our fault. Just then one of the Australian officers stationed in San Diego, came over and in the politest most positive way that only an Australian could, he said I think your little machine is drawing too much power from the system.

I looked over and saw the poor kangaroo drooped over and realized we had caused his death again. We decided to give up, and get in line for food.

The kangaroo came back to life!

We still had the massage chair up after lunch, and as expected it drew quite a bit of attention. We met quite a few great people who were interested in what we do. It turned out to be a great day to introduce some San Diego Australians to Seaside Chiropractic.

Thanks again to my great friend who invited us, and I am sorry about killing the kangaroo repeatedly.

Also one thing you must know is that if someone says Ausie Ausie Ausie, then you must yell Oi Oi Oi. I don’t quite understand the significance, but it was awfully fun!

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