A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

I am updating the treatment sheet that our patients fill out in our San Diego chiropractic office when they check in to the office each day. For years we have used the same one. With my updating of the software, the first thing I realized I had to do is make sure that the codes we are using for billing are the best ones for our office, for San Diego, and for chiropractic.

Along the way, I also needed to update the treatment sheet. There is a body diagram on it, showing the front and the back of a generic person. Many people have commented that it looks like a space alien. I think it is time to update the look!

I came across this website, which did not have anything for my purposes, but for anyone interested in medicine or chiropractic, it has absolutely stunning illustrations. I would die to be able to illustrate like this, instead of like this.

With my new tablet I should be able to learn to do better illustrations for my online books. I don’t think they will ever be even half of what hers are. Until then I will continue looking for a better body diagram that does not look like this.

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