The Death of Saddam

The big story today is the death of Saddam. I will leave the politics aside.

What actually happens to someones body when they die? How do we define death? It is simply the ending of the nervous system. It is the cessation of function of the nervous system. In chiropractic we work to simply keep pressure off of the nervous system, so it may function properly. A chiropractic  often has as its goal to keep the pressure off of the nerves, spinal cord, or brain stem. If pressure is on any of these nerve structures, the body can no longer operate as well as it normally could.

So what happens when someone dies? It is simply either cutting off the oxygen to the brain which is a death of a large part of the nervous system and all the things it supplies. It also can be done by cutting off the nervous system in the neck, or brain, which prevents the brain from controlling the parts of the body. It is really the opposite of chiropractic. Chiropractic relieves pressure off of the nerves. Executing someone simply interrupts the nervous system in one way or the other.

Does this actually kill the being attached to the body? I will leave that question up to you to decide, but I think I know what happens.
Well, whether today’s action was good or bad, I hope it brings a little more peace and stability to the world. Let us all at the end of the year decide to each work toward making this world a little better this upcoming year. My life is pretty good, but I know for much of the world we have a long way to go.

I know I will spend my year as a San Diego chiropractor, making the lives of others as good as I can.

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