A Fish Tale that has nothing to do with our San Diego Chiropractic Office

Last night Tracey my personal assistant was relaxing in bed with her husband when she heard splashing coming from the fish tank. To get the full visual on this, Tracey is a few weeks from giving birth to Adrienne

She saw that her arrowana fish was fighting with her budha cofree fish. She lay ed down, and a few minutes later heard the same thing again. This time when she was watching them, they were fighting, splashing and swimming around the tank furiously.

The arawana is around 24 inches long, and weighs around 3 pounds.

The next thing she knows, the arawana leaps from the tank and is flopping on the ground. Tracy screams for Nelson, who comes running out.

Sitting next to the fish tank is a litter box for the cat, with a little doggy door on it for the cat to come in. The fish flopping on the ground somehow manages to catch some air, and leaps through the litter box doggy door, and into the cat litter.

Nelson, Tracey’s husband grabs the two foot long fish, who has now been breaded in cat litter and is holding him up in the air.

Tracey told him, you can’t just throw him into the tank, the cat litter will kill the other fish.

Tracey then filled the tub, and they placed the fish into it to give him a quick rinse. Nelson then put the fish back into the tank.

When they looked at the fish, swimming in the tank it looked shocked, and had cat litter all over his face and neck with chunks of cat liter flaking off him and floating around in the tank.

The next morning all the cat litter was off his face, he had a few battle wounds, and all the fish were O.K.

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