Pulstar Robot In Our San Diego Chiropractic Office

Lately I have had many questions regarding our new chiropractic robot.

Here’s a posting to explain how it works. The thing is called a Pulstar. It has something called a straingauge in it. A straingauge is an engineering tool that you use to press on an object and measure how many pounds of force of resistance the object pushes back.

If you have a straingauge and you push against a brick wall it’s going to have a really high reading. If you push into a blob of Jell-O it’s going to have a really low reading. What this tool does is it applies a 15 pound pulse through a set of prongs that are placed on either side of a vertebrae. It gives this 15 pound pulse into a vertebrae and the straingauge in the prongs measures how many pounds of force of resistance the bone pushes back. It is measuring whether the bone is stuck, or moving.

A 15 pound pulse feels like a quick, firm yet very gentle force. The computer then records how much that bone resisted and whether the bone is moving or whether it is stuck.

It puts a graphical display up on the screen which shows you which vertebrae had more resistance to the pulse, and which vertebrae had less. The computer then does an analysis and makes a recommendation of which vertebrae is the most stuck compared to its neighbor.

You then set the number of pounds of force you want to use on the pulse and also how many pulses you want it to do. You then put the tips of the prongs against the vertebrae and the machine delivers a rapid succession of pulses at the desired force. The machine turns off when it either feels the vertebrae move or it gets to the preset number of pulses. What ends up happening eventually is you do this over and over again until the machine feels the vertebrae move at which point it automatically turns off.

Even the patients we’ve had who are the most terrified of chiropractic have found this to be completely harmless, painless and gentle. Not a single person so far has found it uncomfortable.

That is a quick report on our new Robot and I will be writing on this a lot more in the future.

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