Matt loves photoshop!

Here is a the talk Matt Cutts gave that day a few hours after this photo was taken.


  1. wow
    look like he will be on the way

  2. Well done Dave and Matt.

  3. nice cartton of matt cutts. I really like the cartoons, good work.

  4. VERY, very fun concept. well done guys.

  5. That is a great idea and so simple, just a notepad and a camera and you got a link from Matt Cutts.

  6. yeah, nice idea…..but these things more like to work when meeting face to face,…do you think matt could have linked some1 with great idea suggested via email??

    (edited by dk)


  7. ah, he’ll never make it. LOL

  8. well done

  9. Great photo! Even in this Web 2.0 era it pays to make connections in person, Pubcon or anywhere else. Too bad the room looks a little creepy.

    Go San Diego!

  10. Nice pic! Ppl look excited.

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