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I love San Francisco. It must be unbelievable to have a chiropractic office there. My wife loves the city even more than I do. It is a great town, with a great chiropractic history. The office of Dr. Loyd Latch is legendary in the history of chiropractic. I also associate San Francisco with my many trips to David Singer enterprises seminars that were just south of San Francisco, by the San Francisco airport.

After the seminars David Singer, myself, and a bunch of the chiropractors and staff would take trips up the city of San Francisco and usually go to the House of Nanking, for Chinese food. Then us and the chiropractors would walk around San Francisco, get ice cream, and see the sites.

I would often go to this one Little Italy of San Francisco bakery, and get my wife biscoti. I miss going up to San Francisco, but with the massive expansion our chiropractic office has had over the past year, our trips to san francisco chiropractic seminars have been less. Maybe one year we will expand and have a San Fran office. But until we have a Bay Area office, I will continue to visit at San Francisco Chiropractic seminars.

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