WordCamp 2007 photos
Welcome to the WordCamp Photo Album!

Each person was asked, if you could be anything for a day, what would it be? Thanks to those brave enough to be photographed.

Click around and make sure to look "behind" each photo for a surprise! :)

Wordcamp Photo Gallery 1   Matt Cutts Video
Wordcamp Photo Gallery 2   Matt Cutts Text
Wordcamp Photo Gallery 3
Wordcamp Photo Gallery 4
Wordcamp Photo Gallery 5

Here is the full text of Matt Cutts talk on SEO and Wordpress.

Here is the Matt Cutts Video filmed during wordcamp.

If you don't like your image shown, just e-mail me, and we will change your picture or take it down. Thanks to all of you for your bravery!
Thank you again for everyone at wordcamp 2007 who let me take their photo. On the first day, no one knew what was going to happen to their photos. They just filled out the paper, trusted me, and jumped right in.

By the second day, when people learned there were wordcamp cartoons involved many people were asking to be part of it.

My apologies for those who wanted to get their photo taken, but were not able to get in. I promise I will be doing more fun things with photos in the future. I am not sure if they will be cartoons, or drawings, but there will be more fun creative stuff brewing.

There were a lot of great photographers, taking lots of pictures. I am looking forward to seeing those as well! Again, if anyone does not like the way their wordcamp drawing or photo looks, please just e-mail me and we will fix it or remove it. We are very good with photoshop and drawing, so just about anything you don't like we can fix.

Thanks again to Matt Mullenweg and cast for a great event!
and Matt Cutts spam attack for making the event world class!


Matt Cutts video was released where he talks about wordpress Search Engine Optimization, and linkbait. He talks about the wordcamp caricatures, and the photos. Talk about a great compliment.

Click on each of the photos and you will find a caricature under each one.

I will be speaking at Pubcon this year and will tell the whole story of how Matt Cutts, Google SEO expert, decided to promote our site.

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