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Medisoft 11 installed

Today I turned over control of my computer at our San Diego chiropractic office for a while to Shawn Barrett of Ability Software. He connected through an internet program that allowed remote access to my computer. It took a few hours to install the software, and restore and install the old data files. I am …

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The Network in the San Diego Chiropractic Office

One of my great patients spent the other night giving us some help in our office setting up the network. He took about three hours, from taking the machines out of the boxes, plugging them in, setting them up, and running the wire. He made it look easy. I am sure if I had done …

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Yet Another Lenovo Computer

If you have been reading my posts and didn’t know better, you would think either I worked for Lenovo, or was a paid blogger. If I am a paid blogger, then I am the worst paid blogger for Lenovo in the world, because I have spent about $6,000 there in the last month! 🙂 This …

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Experience in San Diego today when the Router pooped

Today I changed a few things on my wifes computer, while trying to set it up so she can connect to the Internet with her computer through her blackberry. So to start off with, all of this is my fault. 🙂 I tried making some changes to the settings, but have been unable to get …

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The New San Diego Real Estate – Domain Names

One day at the car wash a few years ago I met a guy who was around 18 years old driving a $100,000 Bentley. So I asked him, “Who’s car is that?” He told me it was his. At the time I was 27 years old, and struggling to make enough money just to pay …

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Super Bowl Proposal

I know San Diego is not going to the Superbowl, but there still may be a reason to watch. lIf you have not seen it yet there is a guy raising money to get his mariage proposal on a Superbowl comercial. It is really touching, and is also creating quite a stir. He is setting …

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google desktop search

On my new computer it came with a new swirly logo that pops up hear and there. I started clicking on it an playing with it. What it turns out to be is a google search engine of my hard drive. I use the windows search function relatively commonly, but it still does not do …

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First Impression Lenovo Thinkpad X60

Well, I certainly made the right choice about this computer. It was quick to set up. Is the perfect size to carry around. The keyboard works great. The tablet part of it is unbelievable, although there must be more to the using your finger to select things, because it was not as intuitive as I …

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From My Blackberry

I am sitting in a cofee shop in San Francisco. This is being written on my Blackberry. Tech – Respect

Chiropractic and Laptop Back

Yesterday while working away in San Diego, I was bent over my laptop for about 8 hours. With laptops, we often work at heights that are not ideal, causing us to bend over and be like that for many hours. Well, I pushed it too far. My back started to hurt, and then my stomach …

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