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Pulstar Robot In Our San Diego Chiropractic Office

Lately I have had many questions regarding our new chiropractic robot. Here’s a posting to explain how it works. The thing is called a Pulstar. It has something called a straingauge in it. A straingauge is an engineering tool that you use to press on an object and measure how many pounds of force of …

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Current State of San Diego Chiropractic

In San Diego today, there is probably the highest concentration of chiropractors to individuals of just about any place on the planet. It is an interesting state because there are many, many people, but there is a high ratio of chiropractors to individuals. One would think then that the chiropractors of San Diego would be …

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Learning The Pulstar For San Diego Use

Most of last week I was at an Internet conference in Vegas. Then on Saturday there was another conference in Vegas on the Pulstar adjusting tool. We will be integrating this into our San Diego Chiropractic office over the upcoming months. This thing is amazing. A few years ago I first came across this concept …

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