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A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

I am updating the treatment sheet that our patients fill out in our San Diego chiropractic office when they check in to the office each day. For years we have used the same one. With my updating of the software, the first thing I realized I had to do is make sure that the codes …

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Naji is a buddy of mine who does web design.

We just adjusted him, and I wanted to show him how word press works. This is being posted just to show him. Sorry for wasting your time having to read this. 🙂

I am so lucky Brittany and Finch got adjusted today!

I was so happy, because Alex Finch who is a super computer geek in San Diego, came in to get adjusted today. Every time I see him we talk about all of the computer and Internet geek stuff that no one else I know understands. Lucky for me he hurt himself playing flag football, so …

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Laughter in 3 languages

We had a great time tonight. As a group we had dinner with one of our good friends. Some of the group tonight have lived in San Diego a long time, others a short time. The amazing thing that came up, was that one of the group used to be the baby sitter for Athina …

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Another Medisoft Reseller

This guy has been a programmer for 16 years. I really want someone with deep understanding of networks and programming. In all of the sites I have been reading, it appears that one of the biggest complaints is crummy customer service after purchasing the product. For those people who work, really, really, hard and are …

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A visit from another San Diego Chiropractor

We have another San Diego chiropractor who stops by our office each week for me to help him with his practice. He is a client of David Singer Enterprises, and Dr. David Singer asked me to help this guy. I have worked with him for the past 6 months. I am happy to say that …

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Another Perfect Day at Our Chiropractic Office

Today we had a girl burst into tears when she realized that finally she was going to get better. She had seen doctors for years about her problem, and no one had ever offered her a solution. Without going into all the details, in her early 20’s she thought that her athletic life, and many …

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Chiropractic Adjusting Tools

We had a great experience today at the office regarding our website, and its comunication with the world. We had an amazing new patient come in today. I would love to tell about her in detail, but she might sue me 😉 She had gone to a chiropractor in the bay area who had used …

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Long Term Healing

Tim Noakes wrote in his book ‘The Lore of Running’ that in addition to weekly rest, a runner should take a month or so each year for their long term injuries to rest. After a week of rest I would have to say I recomend the same for chiropractors. Repetitive work, such as what chiropractors …

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First Picture of Influenza Virus

Today the first picture of an influenza virus was released. It was made by a computer. When you see it, it is hard to imagine how a virus can cause so much damage. A body is made of cells. Those cells have at their center a D.N.A. molecule. The D.N.A. is the orination of the …

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