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Simplicity of San Diego

San Diego is an amazing town. It is easy to live in, almost too easy. I find as a common thread in all of us a love of a simple, non pretentious, relaxing life. The best thing to do in San Diego is just being here. When we all have a break, almost all of …

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Thank You Tina!

I want to thank Tina Peden for the excellent and nice things she has been writing about our site lately. We are in her gratitude! She has a few blogs, and has written some nice things about some of my blogs. Her blogs are on all kinds of different subjects. It appears that she is …

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More about the Chiropractic Board

More of what happened in Sacremento is coming out. It appears that Dr. Richard Tyler took on the positions of Executive Director and also the Chairman of the board. It turns out that law does not allow this to take place. I called the board today and offered them my help. I promise you that …

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San Diego Fog

It was beautiful today. The fog rolled in like it was San Francisco, not San Diego. We stood there while the sunny sky was laced with white wispy clouds that turned into a dense fog.

Chiropractic Short Story Contest – Win $50 Amazon Certificate

Well I finally took the plunge and started it! Chiropractic has never had its heroes and heroines of fiction. Believe me in real life there have been the heroes and the villians of chiropractic, but little or never in fiction. We are looking for short stories on chiropractic. I want to see super heroes, and …

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Thank You Arnold!

The chiropractic world is abuzz with what took place yesterday in Sacremento. Arnold Schwarzenegger, our gov has apparently kicked out some of the members of the state board of chiropractic, and replaced it with new people. One of the key members is Franco Columbo, two time Mr. Olympia, and also a fine chiropractor! For many …

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A great child

Today we had a little girl waiting in our San Diego Chiropractic office while her mommy was being taken care of. The little girl was playing alone, while her mommy was with one of the other staff. Cheng Cheng and I were trying to put some of the final touches on our organization of the …

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Jared Meyer Really Helped us out

Jared Meyer came into our office as a patient today. It so happens that he has a website that is well liked by google regarding San Diego. It is his site regarding University of Maryland San Diego Alumni club. It is the school Jim Henson who made the muppets went to. He put a great …

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I Love You Dr Klein

Now that may sound like a corny title since I am writing this myself, but there is a reason. This is a story about a young boy who gave me a little gift. He had gotten to be around the office quite a bit, and watched what we do. It was a very busy day …

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Payment Codes and Deposit Entry in Medisoft

We are getting closer to the end. If you are a patient interested in health, I apologize on all of the focus on the software. If we don’t have perfect accounting, we can not fully focus on our patients health. We have been working with our consultant Shawn Barett on figuring out the absolute best …

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