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Almighty Zeus!

Pacific Beach Chiropractic patient Burrito Surf Contest

Kevin, as you may know is the manager of the Chipotle in Pacific Beach. Kevin has been our premier Pacific Beach chiropractic patient for the past few years. I heard a rumor today that you may want to jump on. There is a Chipotle Burrito Surf Board that is being raffled off at the Chipotle …

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Today’s Guest Blogger – Hector!

The below is written by Hector Espinoza. Hello all , since receiving my first adjustment on Monday I have been feeling awesome. The first thing I noticed was my enhanced senses ! My vision was drastically clearer and sharp ! My sense of smell was also heightened !

Weight Loss at 235

First off, I don’t expect anyone to listen to my weight loss advice at 235 pounds! This is primarily written for the entertainment of those who know me, and as a record to look back at when I get where I am going. I had always heard in popular culture not to eat sweets because …

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Chiropractic and ADHD

First off you should watch this video on ADHD and chiropractic. One of the funny things about chiropractic are the side effects 🙂 As chiropractors in my opinion, and fully within the opinion of the law, is that chiropractors can treat subluxations.Whether chiropractors are legally allowed to treat asthma, seizures, depression, irritable bowel syndrome etc. …

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Have you been to a Victoria Chiropractic office?

I am doing a little experiment tonight, and if you want to follow along, just keep checking the blog. (Mike, this means you!) I am looking for someone with a Victoria Chiropractic office. If I can find a chiropractor in Victoria that I trust, it may be the first chiropractor other than myself that this …

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Trish needs some help at UCSD!

I know how many people read this site, and a friend of mine needs an admin assistant. She wants someone bubbly and friendly with great customer service skills, to help her help the students at the college she runs at UCSD. It is called Eleanor Roosevelt College. The person in addition to being a great …

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Matt Cutts Blog Hacked

I just checked at Matt Cutts Blog at MattCutts (dot) com and it has been hacked by a group called the Dark Seo team. Matt is a top engineer at Google, and these guys have been out to get him for quite a while to prove a point. On second view, I bet this is …

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Just Say No Is Still a Good Idea

Please don’t take the below as medical advice. It is an editorial from me the editor! Ask your doctor before you do anything regarding drugs. Chiropractors can not give drug advice. This is just a commentary on our culture! It is funny how decades can pass and a good idea is still a good idea. …

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Celebrities Who Get Chiropractic

Over the years I have worked on my own handful of celebs. With the current laws I can not disclose who any of them are. We have however worked on CEO’s of some of the largest corporations of the world, actors, singers, models, and on down the line. The people with the most access to …

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