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San Diego Chiropractic after 20 years

This coming February I will have been practicing chiropractic in San Diego for 20 years. It seems like an eye blink of dragging in the portable table the first night before the paint was dry to treat a girl who had fallen off of a balcony and landed head first on her head. A million …

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Surfing The San Diego Tsunami Feb. 27, 2010 La Jolla David Klein

Here is the video of me surfing the La Jolla tsunami. It was tiny, but it is a video of a tsunami being ridden! 🙂 La Jolla CA, Feb. 26, 2010. I am Dr. David Klein of Seaside Chiropractic.

How Long Should a Chiropractic Visit Take

Yesterday, I had one of my staff talk to me about the amount of time we’re spending with different patients, and we discussed how long a chiropractic adjustment should take. A good chiropractor can do each adjustment in about 2 or 3 seconds. If you put them all together, there’s a bit of prepping in …

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Picture Compare Game

There are some differences between the two pictures below. The first person to leave a difference in the comments section gets a point. The person with the most points 10 minutes into the game wins! Picture 1 Above Picture 2 Above

What two countries contain Sierra Nevada Mountains

What two countries contain Sierra Nevada Mountains? Answer this and win a huge prize!

Another 20 questions!

Start asking yes no questions below! Here is what is going on.

Game On! 20 Questions or many, many more!

Go here to understand the game! and learn about the prizes. To play this game, I am thinking of something. You can only ask yes or no questions. Ask them in the comment section. I will answer yes or no, I don’t friggen know, or occasionally a more detailed answer. You are only allowed to …

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Wordcamp San Francisco 2008 Fabuloso Hotel Deal

As anyone who knows me knows, I am a huge WordPress and Wordcamp fan. Huge. I just got the most amazing hotel deal for Wordcamp 2008. Even though the offical blog has not announced it yet, the the site shows the event will be on August 16th So here is how I found the …

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This is being written for Emily who is in charge of continuing eduction in our office. Anyone can follow this and get an incredible patient education in chiropractic. I suggest studying our cartoon books in the following order. Small Stuff The Missing Owners Manual Signals Symptoms Two Way Flow What You Need to Know

Betsy’s New Chiropractic Blog

When I search the term “chiropractic blog” in Google, I only show around 5,000 matches. When you realize that most of them are probably talking about a chiropractic blog, and are not actually a chiropractic blog, you quickly realize what a rare animal it is. One of our newer patients Betsy who was referred to …

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