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The Costco Version of the Tempurpedic / Sleep Number Bed Constructed

To see how we got here, you may want to read this first, Hunting for the perfect mattress. or this The bed Affair continues. The following is the step by step photo construction of our new Sleep Innovations Mattress from Costco that appears to be what you would get if a Sleep Number Bed had …

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The Bed Affair continues

Well after much online mattress evaluation I ordered the Cal-King Nova Form Infinite Comfort Memory Foam Mattress from Costco. It has the tempurpedic like foam in the top, and the Sleep Number like air bladders inside. For around $750 on sale if it works it is a fantastic bargain, and if not a small waste …

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Hunting for the perfect mattress Costco vs Sleep Number vs Temperpedic

Update 2017-04-06 As you know from my other articles NO mattress works for everyone. This mattress is currently making 90% of the thousands of people who are buying give it 5 stars. This is the mattress I currently recommend BUT read this entire page and related pages before you rush out and buy. As you …

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