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Almighty Zeus!

So are you ready to see Lorelle?

And the winner of the first wordpress oscars is

The unknown fifth beatle

(If you are looking for WordCamp photos and cartoons click here)  If you have met me, I am sure you have heard me tell you to go see the Beatles Love show in Vegas at the Mirage. I am normally very conservative financially, but I have told many people to sell their furniture or whatever …

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Shredding the sicky gnar!

wordcamp 2007 photos cartoons caricatures Purpose-Cons

If you are looking for the photos from the silly thing I did at word camp with a pad, pen and camera and what they became from wordcamp 2007, you have come to the right place. This is a wordcamp page that explains the whole silly thing and directs you where to go to each …

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back in time!

shake T-rex’s hand for me!

I don’t need no stinkin’ airport

hope space is adventurous!