Game On! 20 Questions or many, many more!

Go here to understand the game! and learn about the prizes.

To play this game, I am thinking of something.
You can only ask yes or no questions.
Ask them in the comment section.
I will answer yes or no, I don’t friggen know, or occasionally a more detailed answer.
You are only allowed to ask yes or no questions.

As soon as you see this, ask the first question on the comments!


  1. Is it something that runs on electricity?

  2. dk

    Kind of, and on other things too.

  3. Is it something that can be found on the ceiling?

  4. dk


  5. Is it a vehicle?

  6. Is it something that can be found here at WordCamp?

  7. Is it a metro/streetcar?

  8. dk

    To clarify above, it is a vehicle, and not it is not at wordcamp.

  9. dk

    Not a metro, not a streetcar.

  10. Is it a vehicle that is for more than ten passengers?

  11. dk

    yes, it can carry more than 10 passengers.

  12. Is it a train?

  13. dk

    nope, not a train.

  14. Is it a bus?

  15. dk

    I’m getting nervous. We start another game in 7 minutes.

  16. dk

    nope, not a bus

  17. Is it an airplane?

  18. dk

    Not an airplane.

  19. Can it run on gasoline? (In other words, is it a hybrid?)

  20. Does it transport people to space?

  21. dk

    It mostly runs on gasoline, but has parts run by electricity.

  22. dk

    nope, not to space. 🙂

  23. Is it a car?

  24. dk

    not a car

  25. miranda

    is it a boat?

  26. dk

    YES! The Winner A BOAT!!!!

  27. dk

    The winner is Miranda, come choose your prize!!

  28. New game over at right now!

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