Pamela's Strain and Pain
Dear Dr. Klein,

Ahhh, I can breathe and not just breathe better but breathe deeply. Oh and I think I feel a little taller; wishful thinking. Coming in to today’s appointment I was feeling strain and pain in my lower back and down through my left hip. Something I had not felt since a car accident injury sustained back in the late summer of 2006. As a personal trainer and avid runner, I started off the New Year running less than usual. I realized that the pain resembled sciatic pain familiar to that caused by my former car accident. After my first adjustment with you I suddenly feel that I am breathing deeper, which is funny since I am also currently fighting a cold virus. I also feel as though I am standing a little taller and I feel less strain in my left hip. I can’t wait to take a long run on the beach tomorrow. Thanks for all you help!

Yours Truly

Pamela Eaton

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