Chiropractic is Dangerous?
Dear Dr. Klein,

Fifteen years ago after a near fatal car accident, I sought chiropractic care in attempt to relieve the ongoing pain(s) I had in my back and neck. Unfortunately, I picked a name out of a phone book and made an appointment.
(Note from Dr. Klein - Make sure to do your homework first, and check out the Dr. first!) The Doctor was unfriendly, did not explain any of his procedures and performed a manual adjustment to my back. When he asked me to stand up, I could not. I was terrified and called a friend to come drive me home. After several days in the hospital and countless medications I was able to go home. Needless to say, I have had a fear of chiropractors ever since.

As the years went by, my back and neck pains have gotten more frequent and intense. I followed my M.D.’s orders and took muscle relaxers and pain killers until I could not stand the fog I was in.

I did my homework this time and checked out dozens of chiropractic care centers online. When I went to your website and read your story, something clicked and let me know that this is the one. When I called to make the appointment, I was put on the phone with you. That alone told me you are someone who truly cares about his patients. From the minute I arrived in your office (shaking like a leaf), I was put at ease by the warmth of your staff. After I explained what happened to me, I was completely educated on all procedures. You explained that we would go very slowly so I would not be scared anymore.

When I arrived for my first adjustment, I was nervous, but in a good way. While you were adjusting me, I felt safe, comfortable and calm. You and your staff put me at ease.

After you were finished, I got up and was able to walk down the street at my old pace with my head held up high. (This was certainly not the case over the last 6 months). I am ecstatic about working towards getting back to being myself again.

Thank you for your help!


April Risk

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