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I am writing you this letter to tell you a little about Chiropractic.

My story is that when I was 2 years old I was running down my grandparents driveway, and I tripped. I remember seeing my mother standing at the bottom of the driveway and my grandmother and grandfather up on their porch waving good by to me. Then I fell, and landed hitting the side of my face and my chin on the rough cement. I can still remember a low line of concrete blocks that lined my grandparents lawn, right next to my head.

The next thing I remember was being in the emergency room, my arms held down to my side, in some sort of a straight jacket, and a doctor with a needle, stitching up my chin. See, this was 1966, and that was all they could do. My parents thought they had solved the problem, they thought that the medical doctors knew how to fix everything.

Well after that my entire life I had a headache. I also always had difficulty breathing, that quickly turned into Asthma. There were some other subtleties too, that I didn’t notice at the time, because it was all I had ever known.

I was always a little afraid of people, colors were a little duller, there was always this chatter going on in my head, what I always considered myself to be thinking, almost discussing things with myself. There was also a low level hiss, like when you..

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